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Art, Design and Dreams

Rui and Tiago Vilaça developed Vilaça-Interiors from a family business. It operates in the public and private market, creating interior design projects backed up by its own Design and Architecture office. They rely on some internationally renowned brands in their interior decorating projects, as well as on their own creations associated with the brand Vilaça Interiors.

Rui & Tiago Vilaça

"There are several ways of solving a single problem. A thousand ways to complete a single task, infinite possibilities of sharing an idea as visionaries and artists that celebrate life. We celebrate the possibilities of a space with our customers within a selection of works and studies that meet with an artistic commitment. Inspire yourself!"

We are with you to design, select and create an interior architecture project that is born from your lifestyle and from your view of the world aligned with quality, the contemporary and the philosophy of the Vilaça brothers.
Stop, take a deep breath and step into the real world of magazines. Let yourself be inspired!


"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

– Andrew Carnegie
Sofia Malveira
Life is my project. With each year that passes, I stop and in retrospect, I acknowledge those who surround me and I analyse successes and failures. The following year, I do better.
Knowing that Architecture and Design are complex areas, I value creativity and effort, which when appropriately released, make winning teams.
João Abrantes
Exclusivity allied with the dedication to each customer, results in long term loyalty and satisfaction.
Sailing, savouring new delicacies, photography, exploring Western Europe.
César Gomes
I like the simple things that life gives me. I like smiles, cars and soccer. I like people.
Working at Vilaça Interiores is a guaranteed challenge.
Filipa Tomé
I like to make surroundings harmonious by means of simplicity and elegance.
I like going to the movies, travelling, socializing with friends and meeting new people.
Rita Caçador
Each project is an exercise in resilience. We have all the creative freedom in order to always be innovative.
Going to art and design exhibitions whenever it’s possible.
Patrício Vieira
Each day and each project are lived with commitment and dedication, by fully supporting the organization with the objective of doing more and better.
Passion for the automotive world, architecture, design and photography.
Vanessa Freitas
Freedom during each of our creative processes, while brainstorming as a team, allows for the implementation of offers that are always distinct and different.
Travelling, getting to know new cultures, concepts and different approaches to life that inspire me.
Ana Pereira
Life at Vilaça runs at the speed of light… constant challenges!
I love to travel, read and go to the movies.
Joana Oliveira
There are few companies that offer these opportunities: travelling, direct contact with the customers, independence and responsibility (which is only good sometimes).
Going out to dinner, sushi is at the top of the list, I don’t like meat!