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Creativity is, according to its dictionary definition, the capacity to create and invent. Thus it would seem easy to endeavour to create something, which in fact has not been proven by history. Whenever someone has an idea, the process involved in taking it from thought to reality, to its functionality and experimentation, requires a long road of failures and frustrations, and even negative criticisms, most of the time. All great inventions go through these stages before they are perfected, and they do not occur easily, but almost always with plenty of work and optimism. 

It is expected (wrongly) that the creative person will experience a will to create and unexpected creativity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, things simply do not work that way. We do not simply wake up one day and a light bulb goes off our head with a great idea! A creative person must work on his or her creativity through continuous study, extensive research and constant repetition of processes that will lead to a final solution, reaching a conclusion that often (indeed, most times) what he or she had initially pictured in fact does not work or fails to satisfy.

The environment of the creative process is essential to a successful result. So many times we hear inspiration spoken of as if it were a train that sometimes passes and other times does not. We, however, see inspiration in a more empirical manner, something that can be built with the right constants. Obviously there is no mathematical formula and it is not quantifiable, nor is it binding – it is merely, as its name implies: inspiration, made of resiliency, method and organisation.

The target audience shall always be the biggest challenge of any project or undertaking that we enter into. Sometimes the creativity that we lack can be found in the words that we hear, in the receptiveness that we have towards any challenge – with an open heart and mind, accepting all variants and/or limitations.

Creativity is the world that surrounds us and that we are forced to filter: by wanting more and better, with plenty of magic and always a degree of novelty.

Do not forget to keep in you “all the dreams of the world!” We will help.