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Conceitos Tranquilos LDA, named VILAÇA INTERIORES, is responsible for the site www.vilacainteriores.com, and is compromised to guarantee the privacy of personal data collected and/or transmitted online. The security and privacy of user data are aspects that assume for VILAÇA INTERIORES a crucial importance.

Please, read the following text to understand and get to know how the information you provide will be treated by Vilaça Interiores. VILAÇA INTERIORES reserves the right to change the privacy policy, therefore we advise you to read this document regularly. These texts faithfully reproduce the privacy policy followed by VILAÇA INTERIORES website.


According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Vilaça Interiors and your store should be considered as independent data controllers responsible for the registered information about you as a customer, visitors to this website, etc. Contact information is available at:

Av. S. Lourenço, nº 225 – Celeirós
4705-442 Braga
Tel: +351 253 605 440
E-mail: geral@vilacainteriores.com
Site: www.vilacainteriores.com


In this document you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • What information is collected about the users?
  • Who is responsible for collecting the information?
  • How is the collected information used?


What information is collected about the users?

To get in touch with Vilaça Interiores it is necessary to collect a short information about what is used, the collection of this data happens at the time the message is sent to Vilaça Interiores. The information collected is the necessary to ensure the identity of the user. The information requested at the time of sending the message to the Vilaça Interiores is required for the user to communicate with the Vilaça Interiores.


Who is responsible for collecting the information?

Vilaça Interiores is the only responsible for the collection of personal data made on the VILAÇA INTERIORES website. Vilaça Interiores does not collect your personal data in this site, unless you voluntarily provide them, when you use our online form to send us a request for information, contact or a complaint. In this case, the data collected in a lawful way in this form are subject to use and computer processing by our company in order to ensure the provision of information requested by the digital channel to individuals and companies. Thus, by pressing the send button, the user, as the owner of the information, grants us the processing of the data for the purposes indicated above. According to the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/ the data owner is guaranteed at all times the right to access, rectify, update or delete his personal data, as well as the right to object to their processing. Any request for consultation, updating or removal of your information capable of identifying you, can be requested via email geral@vilacainteriores.com or using this contact form, indicating on the subject “consultation, amendment or removal of personal data”.


How is the collected information used?

The information collected will only serve to answer possible questions posed by the user of the VILAÇA INTERIORES website: Regarding the collection and use of technical information, it is informed that this website uses a session cookie through which only technical information relating to visits to this website is recorded (date and time of consultation; pages visited and documents downloaded; the type of Internet browser used by the visitor and the operating system used; the visitor’s IP address (Internet Protocol)). No information is collected that can be used to identify visitors to the site The technical information will only be used for statistical purposes.

CIAB Association, based in Rua D. Afonso Henriques, N.º 1, 4700-030 Braga e url www.ciab.pt

If you have any questions on some of the points presented here, please let us know.