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Conceitos Tranquilos LDA, nominated by VILAÇA INTERIORES, com sede em Linhares Lote 2, 4805-486 Santo Estevão de Briteiros


Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions rule the website use of VILAÇA INTERIORES.


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The content of the website is understood as all the information available to the visitor, namely text, images, photo galleries, videos, webdesign and software. All this content comes from information collected by VILAÇA INTERIORES and is protected by copyright under Portuguese and European Union laws, and may not be used outside the conditions allowed in the use of this site, without consent of VILAÇA INTERIORES. The intellectual property rights of all the contents of VILAÇA INTERIORES, which are not intended for external supply and consequently are not properly identified, belong to VILAÇA INTERIORES, including the information, tools, graphics, images or text. VILAÇA INTERIORES rejects any responsibility for the usurpation and misuse of the above mentioned elements, except for the exceptions allowed by law, namely the right to quote, as long as its origin is clearly identified. The contents of this website may not be copied, altered or distributed, except with the express authorization of VILAÇA INTERIORES. Without prejudice to the user, VILAÇA INTERIORES cannot be held responsible for any suspension or interruption of access that may occur as a result of something that is not attributable to it or that is attributable to negligence.

Data protection

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